NEKOPARA Vol. 1 was a visual novel released last year to the delight of the visual novel fan community that featured catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla who stowed themselves in boxes to live with their master, Kashou. NEKO WORKs and Sekai Project have teamed up once again with NEKOPARA Vol. 0, a prequel to the original game. Originally released as a fandisc to Vol. 1, the story follows Shigure and her family of catgirls for whom she is responsible for training and disciplining on a daily basis. Vol. 0 shows the events of Chocola and Vanilla’s busy lives with the other catgirls prior to joining Kashou in his business venture. 

The newest feature is the Touch or Hand icon that allows you to pet the catgirls to which they will smile, blush and purr happily in response. Maple, Azuki, Cinnamon and Coconut are given more screen time in Vol. 0 as they mostly had cameo appearances in the original Vol. 1 game. Utilizing the power of the E-mote system seen in the original, the animation is solid and smooth as the girls interact by standing, sitting, and moving across the system in their open dialogue with the others. You will have an opportunity to interact with each catgirl who bears her distinct personality and quirks that provides much comedy and amusement with their daily shenanigans and catlike behavior. 

The time to interact with each of the catgirls is short as the visual novel can be completed in under an hour. Even though it lacks the depth and longevity of the original game, Vol. 0 is an enjoyable and entertaining look at all things catgirls in the Minaduki family as Shigure constantly has her hands full with teaching the catgirls proper mannerisms and splitting them up when their catlike behaviors lead to disagreements and petty bickering. However, it is the perfect visual novel for NEKOPARA fans to enjoy a close look at the catgirls’ lives and social interactions with one another in a carefree family setting. 

Fans should take note that there is no R-18 version of this game at this time. Those who own NEKOPARA Vol. 1 who are looking to show their love and support for the catgirl family should pick up Vol. 0 right away. 

SCORE – 75%

This review is based on a digital copy of NEKOPARA Vol. 0 on Steam provided by Sekai Project

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