From the director of X: The TV series, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Ninja scroll. Goggle is a convict turned cop working off server terms of a lifetime imprisonment. Obedience is ensured by the time bomb collar around his neck, but no one is sure of his loyalties. When an investigation of stolen body parts leads him to his ex partner in crime, Goggles is faced with some stark choices. Will he risk his death to return to the ruthless criminal life? Or will redemption finally catch up with him in a death match with the military’s ultimate killing machine.


Goggle is a tough as nails cop, whose loyalties are questionable at best. While investigating the theft of some classified police documents, he is reunited with a former partner in crime. Through an investigation he is pulled into a conspiracy that has ties between the military, his former partner and the chief of police, and what of the rumors that the military is preparing to test a new piece of hardware that threatens to put the cyber police out of business.


The DVD features both English and Japanese Dolby Digital Stereo audio; the sound quality for the movie was pretty good, clear and crisp. I would say that the audio dubbing for the English voice actors wasn’t done very good, in some instances the characters lips are moving when the voice actors are not speakingor in some instances the mouths of the characters are shut and they voice actors are speaking. As was the video quality, at no point during the viewing was there any signs of macro blocks. However, the animation is of a different area, more of a vintage style of way things used to be done.

The features that the DVD contain, are trailers for Cyber City: Time bomb and
Cyber City: The decoy. The additional features on this DVD that enjoy seeing and don’t see nearly enough are a Sketch Gallery of the characters in the series and an Art Galley. The last feature to mention is a director’s commentary by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Also, on the DVD are previews for series being released by US Manga.

After viewing this DVD, I would have to say it is a good buy for those that enjoy a classic touch to anime viewing. However, for those addicted to the new generation of anime viewing then this throw back to the classic days might be a little dull for you. As for the story, there just wasn’t enough development time, it was rushed and didn’t allow for good character development and story development. For those familiar with the Cyber City series and enjoy continuing with this series, then by all means pick up this disc, for those looking to get into the series or would enjoy watching a DVD from years gone by then look to rent this one or borrow it from a friend.





Impact Rating: 6/10

Overall Rating 37.5/60

By Matt Capranos


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