Anime North took place this year from May 26-28 at the Toronto Congress Centre and International Plaza Hotel with additional events held at the Sheraton Hotel, Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport and the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport. I had the opportunity to speak with the Gallery Momiji staff about the wide selection of artwork to grace Anime North at the Toronto Congress Centre. Aside from the exclusive 18+ section making its return, the true highlight at this year's gallery was the lovely and meticulously crafted Studio Ghibli dress on display. 

There were Japanese items like fans and kimonos that are reminiscent of the Meiji-era and Edo period of Japan. They are a sight to behold and a fascinating part of Japanese history.

New additions like special roses inspired by Beauty and the Beast, a dedicated section for artwork on mugs and a table showcasing Steampunk related merchandise found their way into the gallery.

Featured artists that have contributed their masterpieces include Shilin Huang, Rob Emery, Careko, Joe Nittoly, Genie Kim, Howard Chu, Leeanne Morris, Jeremy Bailey, Mark Yungblut and many more artists.

Highlights of Gallery Momiji can be found below.

(Photography by OAV Staff)





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