The first day of Anime North has begun that takes place this year from May 25-27 at the Toronto Congress Center and DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel. Much of the day was spent with fans and attendees lining up for hours in the pre-registration line to pick up their badges as this marks the first year Anime North imposes an attendance cap for the convention.

With much of the Anime North staff still in the process of setting up display tables, gallery area, artist alley and the Dealer's room, I had the opportunity to meet up with Canadian artists Shilin, author of the illustrated Carciphona series and Hitsukuya, lead artist for her Pekoe Pekoe artbook. On the cosplay side, I bumped into Toronto cosplayer, Sachie who is currently working on her cosplay and video coverage for Anime North.

Stayed tuned for more updates tomorrow when Day 2 of Anime North commences.

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