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Sorry for the mislead, what I meant to say is, Gaming Media is going to the CN Anime Convention the weekend of August 23-25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The convention is an annual event that takes place once a year; it’s a great place to get info on the latest anime news, meet independent artist, writers, to see many great costume players dressed up as there favorite anime, video game characters. Also it’s the best place to browse around for great deals on anime movies, posters, comics and other great merchandise.

The first day of the convention we decided to go right after got off work. We would get together and head out, sadly things didn’t go as planned for the first day. We had planned to leave around 3:30 pm so we could arrive at the doors by about 4:00 pm, but that didn’t happen. Kenny our very nice friend, who was going to drive us to Toronto for the convention, didn’t come and get us until almost 6 pm. Also my younger brother Jordan who was supposed to come but sadly lost his spot when Eddie invited his sister, and with Kenny, myself, Cullen, Eddie and his sister in car, we just couldn’t fit Jordan in.

Well we finally got on the road, and as usual Cullen is blasting away, he won’t shut his mouth, and starting to really piss every one off, as Eddie’s pictures better describe.

As expected we hit traffic all the way up to the convention center, we just couldn’t get a break, thanks to Cullen and his wise directions we were able to hit a few of his secret short cuts to save us some time, they’ll come in handy next august when we come up again. Well even with Cullen’s short cuts the traffic was still pretty heavy all the way up, it wasn’t until we finally hit the city core did it ease up a bit.

Well we’re finally parked and it just a few minutes walking distance away, we battled our way down the street, I hope we can make it, with so many people on the street it slowed our progress down. Finally we got to the doors of the convention center. We finally get to the doors and a what’s this a giant line up that has to be 2 miles in length…. It never seemed to end but as we started walking down the hall we ran into Eddie’s aunt Katie around 7:20, who was very nice to let us cut in line, plus she grabbed some forums for us to fill out. If it wasn’t for her we would probably still be waiting in line.

Even with a line up that had to be more then 500 people it moved along nicely, after waiting 30-45 minutes we finally got to the front to pay for our tickets. Everyone got their tickets with ease, however, it wasn’t the same case for me, I was going to pay with interact but my damn card wouldn’t swipe, I asked if they could hold my tickets as I jumped out of line ran to the nearest ATM. I held my breath as the machine accepted my card and it let me withdraw cash. I grabbed my money, ran back to the ticket booth and paid for the tickets. Sadly since Jordan couldn’t make it that day, I would buy both of our tickets, that way he wouldn’t have to wait in line the next day for his ticket.

We had our tickets, now to the convention site; we walked around aimlessly until we discovered the location of the exhibition site. We headed to the escalator that would take us to the 2nd floor. As we reached the top, my eyes opened up, it was amazing, hundreds of people, dozens of different booths selling everything from comics, movies, toy, and there was even a booth selling replica sword, and other exotic weapons.

It’s great; we walked around checking out every inch of the site, looking at all of the different vendors and booths. We stop to talk to as many different costume players and snapped off a few pictures of people dressed up as they’re favorite characters, the cost players were abundant, from just about every different range of anime, even various different video game and many different movies.

As we explored, we came to the section of the convention that showcase’s independent authors and artist, where they display their work. Some of this work is great, there’s a lot of talent here today.

What’s this over there? It is, Michelle Nichols, famous for her character Ohura from the original star trek series is signing autographs. Also Billy Dee Williams, Brent Spinner, and (doctor from Enterprise) will be here to sign autographs as well. This is great not only is this anime/comic convention it’s also tailored for sci-fi fans, they have everything here.

They’re also a few magazines at the convention; one of my favorites is Rue Morgue.

It’s a great horror movie magazine. I really enjoy it because my buddy Nathan Tyler has been a staff writer for Rue Morgue, for a while now. Keep up the great work.

Well I don’t know about the rest of the guys but I’m exhausted from all of that shopping and searching for great deals, I think it’s time to take a break sit down and take in a couple of anime show. Watching anime is the pick me up I needed, but now it’s close to 9 o’clock and the show will be closing soon, damn if I want any last minute purchase’s I’m going to have to hurry.

Well the shopping is done, but before we go lets take few more pictures of some of the cost players. Let me send out special thanks to these lovely ladies that let us pose with them, to the costume players from the anime series Angel Sanctuary. Thanks again.

Character names Roiel, Alexiel,  Gaberial, Mad Hatter (aka Belial)

Well that’s it for the first day.

Hopefully we’ll see a lot more tomorrow.


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