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God’s One Day World is a unique and deceptively cute visual novel with an immense number of choices to make and a variety of interactive puzzles to solve as you attempt to stay alive. This is the very first visual novel created by the small Shanghai based indie developer Scorched Heaven. When the game was first released on Steam the only available language was simplified Chinese but at the time there were also plans to add an English translation at a later time. The English translation was added to the game on Steam early September 2016 which was only two months after the game’s release date. Though the English translation has been completed and added to the game it hasn’t quite been perfected yet and the developer is working very hard to improve the quality of the translation. The game has five Steam cards that feature some of the beautiful art from the game but there are currently no Steam achievements.

You begin the game as a boy who has just woken up in an unfamiliar room with no recollection of his past or how he got there. Upon waking up he is greeted by a strange girl named Christina who he appears to have known before falling unconscious and losing his memories. As he continues to speak with Christina he has a sudden flashback or vision of a bloody hand print on the wall behind her but he covers it up and pretends to simply have a bad headache. Christina continues to explain to the protagonist that in order to survive he must follow the strict laws set by the god of the land. Though the residents live in peace they must follow a great number of strict laws or else risk being severely punished. The main character will come to learn that no matter how a person has arrived there or what there circumstances might be they are required to worship the god at all times and follow the laws and he is no exception. As you continue to speak with Christina you will have to begin selecting questions to ask and actions to take but be careful of what decisions you make or you might just be sent back to the very beginning. If you ask any questions that are forbidden or you become too curious about the past the character might have to face punishment for breaking the laws of the world but if you are cautious and keep his memories a secret he might just survive. Though the story is already very interesting and suspenseful it is further strengthened by the importance of your decisions and ability to solve the puzzles making it one of the most interactive visual novels on Steam. 

Similar to many other visual novels the controls are very straight forward since it simply requires you to click with the mouse. Since the game requires a lot of decision making and puzzle solving I recommend against clicking too fast through the text since you will need to look out for hints as to what you should do and how to solve some of the puzzles. The game does not require much physical energy unlike games from other genres but it requires a lot of mental energy since the decision making in the game plays an important role from the very start. It can become frustrating if you are taken back to the start or if you have to go back through parts of the game you already went through so it is very important to remember to save as often as you can. Note that the options are not available while you have to make a decision meaning you can only save before and after decisions. Though the controls and options are basic for a visual novel they are all that is needed to get the job done.

The art is cute and often colorful with a lot of consistency between the artistic styles of the characters and their surroundings. The shading and detail of the characters is not amazing but it is still well done and does its job in giving the characters a greater level of depth. The greater level of depth helps the characters stand out a bit from their surroundings and puts them into focus. The biggest weakness in the game’s art is not in character designs themselves but rather in the weak transition of many of the characters facial expressions. The strongest point of the art is in the amazing consistency between the characters and backgrounds since it is such a rare trait in visual novels. Often the backgrounds don’t seem to fit well behind the characters or as some may see it the characters don’t go well with the backgrounds instead. The backgrounds themselves sometimes appear a little plain or dull but they hardly ever looked out of place. The art is not the greatest that I have seen but it is amazing in that it manages to all go together so well making it one of the game’s greatest strengths.

The game still has many grammatical issues in the English translation but the developer is still working on it for now. It is still worth playing if you enjoy a lot of mystery, puzzle solving, and decision making in a visual novel. God’s One Day World is a truly one of a kind game and can bring to mind a lot of interesting questions as you explore it’s mysterious world. The art of the characters and backgrounds manage to blend well together but in a way that the characters still stand out as they should. Despite the many issues that are currently in the English translation the game has a lot of strengths and manages to succeed in some areas where other visual novels often fail. I highly recommend this game to visual novel fans especially those who enjoy solving puzzles and making decisions in the game.

PROS: Beautiful Art, Interesting World, Interactive Gameplay

CONS: Mediocre English Translation



This review is based on a purchased copy of God's One Day World on Steam.

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