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At Sekai Project's panel at Anime Expo 2015, the company announced a large lineup of visual novels being localized in the near future to the delight of visual novel fans worldwide.

Check out the video highlights below.


Chrono Clock

Description: "Sawatari Rei is the heir to a multimillion corporation in Japan, and also a mysterious pocketwatch that allows one to travel five minutes back in time. At first, he sets off to simply make his life more fun, like the romantic comedy of his dreams, but that changes when he witnesses a girl fall to her death."



Narcissu Remake

Description: "Just announced at AX2015 - Narcissu remake project has been greenlit! We'll have more information in the near future."




Description: "From the creator of Spice and Wolf, Isuna Hasekura, comes World End Economica. Haru woke up with his life but without his dream. 4 years after the incident, he finds a new cause, as a driven young lady offers him a chance to return to investing and to find justice."



G-senjou no Maou

Description: "You play Azai Kyousuke, the son of an infamous gangster. You listen to Bach, play God at school, and work part time for your stepfather. But one day a beautiful girl named Usami Haru and an international criminal known as "Maou" appear, and bring with them their cat-and-mouse game of plotting and intrigue."



Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- -Xtend Edition

Description: "Rescue squad captain Watase Kasasagi wakes up without his memories in the middle of his most critical mission yet-- a nuclear meltdown at a research facility. In an unfamiliar place and without his years of training, he must rescue the survivors and escape... but could the key to the mystery behind the incident lie in the mind of Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a seemingly ordinary student?" 



Sunrider: Liberation Day 

Description: "The next explosive chapter of the Sunrider series will chronicle the liberation of Cera. Join Captain Kayto Shields and his crew as they return to where it all began…"




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