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(Review contributed by Misya Danielle)

Slice It! is an educational and straight to the point geometric puzzle game developed by Arc System Works and COM2US. The 3DS version of Slice It! was published by Aksys Games on January 14th of 2016, this simple on the go game was originally available for IOS devices beginning late August 2010 and is now available for the 3DS via download only. Slice it! For the 3DS has several language options available which can be changed from the options menu. The 3DS version is made simple by utilizing the stylus as a means to draw the lines used to cut smaller pieces out of each shape, thanks to the small tip on the 3DS stylus it is easier to draw the lines where you want them without much difficulty at all. The game has several episodes each with one hundred unique stages as well as a timed quick mode in which you must complete as many stages as you can within 30 seconds. Slice It! Is a great tool for learning about geometry and asymmetry while increasing your thinking speed and hand eye coordination. 

Slice it! Is simply a game where you cut shapes into a specified number of smaller shapes which must be of similar sizes, if any of the shapes cut from the original shape are too small or you cut too few or too many pieces then you fail the stage and can either retry the stage or move on to the next stage. As you continue going through the stages of an episode the shapes become increasingly intricate and noticeably more difficult to cut into the specified number of smaller shapes, also keep in mind that if you run out of pencils or have too many after reaching the specified number of shapes that it will result in a fail. Luckily if a stage is too difficult you can collect hints to help you figure out where to put each line, you can receive one hint for every twenty stages completed so be sure not to waste them. As you go through the game and complete episodes or accomplish certain things in the game you can fill in the mission section which can be accessed from the play menu, this is a great feature of the game for anyone who enjoys seeing their own in game accomplishments. Slice It! Has many unlockable stages as well as some unlockable skins for minor in game customization however as with most games you must unlock these as you continue playing through each episode of the game.

The game features very simple art in a hand drawn style for everything from the text used throughout the game to the shapes used in each stage, everything looks like it was colored in with colored pencil with some of it going slightly outside of the lines. The play menu also features some simple uncolored doodles like one might see on an elementary or middle school student’s homework. Alongside the simple doodles and hand drawn look of the text the whimsical music adds a bit of a laid back tone to the otherwise serious and educational game. The Music used for the stages has a slightly more serious tone while also sounding whimsical and laid back, without much of a difference in the music it can feel rather repetitive if you play the game too long without taking a break.

Slice It! can easily be thought of as more of an educational tool and can be a great option for parents that are trying to get their children interested in learning or simply for someone looking for a game that is more casual while also educational. This game is definitely not for someone looking for a game that is plot driven or non-repetitive as there is no intricate plot and the game is very repetitive in nature considering that it is all about cutting shapes. This game can provide hours of entertainment to someone who likes a simple and laid back puzzle game and can be played straight across without much difficulty if you can stand the repetitive music.

PROS: Family friendly, Educational, Ability to track in game achievements

CONS: Repetitive Gameplay and Music 

SCORE – 60%

This review is based on a digital copy of Slice It! on the Nintendo 3DS provided by Aksys Games.