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Galilei Donna is an eleven episode science fiction anime series that originally aired from early October to mid December of 2013. The series follows three sisters who are descendants of Galileo Galilei as they go on an adventure in search of a treasure left behind by their ancestor. Their journey leads them to discover far more important treasures as they strengthen their bond as sisters and form new friendships with strangers that they meet along the way. Galilei Donna blends together science fiction, action, fantasy, bits of comedy, a small pinch of slice of life, and a touch of romance all into one. 

The story is set in the year 2061 as the world's resources continue to dwindle, it is believed that Galileo Galilei left behind a treasure that could provide all of the resources that the world needs to survive. The Ferrari family is believed to hold the key to finding the hidden treasure which is known as the Galilei Tessoro, as descendants of Galileo the family may have received some kind of hint as to the whereabouts of the Galilei Tessoro. As the family goes about their day as usual they are suddenly targeted by Adnimoon, Messier, and Black Ganymede. Hozuki is chased down while working on some of her gadgets, Kazuki is attacked after going to the nurses office at school, and Hozuki after one of her usual studies in college. The three sisters are gathered back together at home with their mother who scolds them for behavior unbecoming of Galileo's descendants. If that isn't bad enough the girls are attacked at their own home by Black Ganymede, after Hozuki scolds Cincihno the leader of the pirate crew the girls manage to escape meanwhile their parents have been taken by Adnimoon.These events lead the girls to go on an adventure to seek out the Galilei Tessoro themselves, so far the only hint they have is blueprints that are in the possession of Hozuki.As the girls make their escape they meet Anna Hendrix, an editor with an enthusiasm for all things relating to Galileo. Anna becomes a huge asset on their journey and the closest thing they have to a mother while they venture away from their parents. The girls travel from country to country seeking out all of the clues that their ancestor Galileo left behind. Along the way they make many new friends, learn a lot about the world, and discover their own value. A lot of focus is put into the relationships between characters all while strongly keeping the storyline on track.


The series has a colorful cast of character most of which can be empathized with in some way. Each of the Ferrari sisters has their own unique personality and set of talents but they struggle to work together many times. The youngest, Hozuki is skilled at science and mechanics much like her parents and her ancestor Galileo. Hozuki is still young and lacks confidence in herself but also has an upbeat and adventurous personality, she always enjoys learning new things and has a strong love of Japanese food and culture. Kazuki, the middle child has a calm and cool personality despite the fact that she is often jealous of her sisters and is actually very sensitive. Kazuki is physically strong and is highly skilled at cooking but she struggles to realize how useful her talents are. Kazuki, the oldest sister is a law student in college and has a strong sense of justice but lacks self control when it comes to speaking her mind. She loves drinking and despite her love of justice does terribly in her law class, her bold and unfiltered behavior wins the affection of Cicinho quickly. Other character in the series are Sylvia Ferrari the mother of the three girls and descendant of Galileo, Geshio Ferrari the father of the three girls and a Japanese space engineer, Anna Hendrix who is a mother-like figure and close friend to the girls as they travel, Cicinho the charismatic leader of the air pirates Black Ganymede, Galileo the ancestor of the three girls and a famous scientist, Roberto the evil mastermind behind Adnimoon,


The characters' designs are all just as vibrant and full of life as their personalities, the designs match each character's unique role all the way from ordinary citizens to quirky air pirates. Characters which I found to be considerably well designed include Hozuki, Hazuki, and Cicinho. The backgrounds are detailed and beautiful featuring natural looking scenery suited to each of the locations that the sisters visit, though it is all a little lacking in the futuristic tone that the series aims for. animations are all well transistioned and smooth, there is no lagging during and in between scenes. The soundtrack is decent and each of the tracks fit into the series well. The opening theme, Synchromanica is a great match for the series and enjoyable to listen to over and over again. Overall, when it comes to the art, animation, and soundtrack each aspect of the series appears well thought out.

While Galilei Donna isn't exactly one of the most exciting or action packed series' of its time it has everything that it's needs to be fresh and interesting. The series has an interesting storyline, breath taking scenery, vibrant graphics, and a highly entertaining cast of characters. There is nearly something for everyone whether you enjoy science fiction, action, mystery, tragedy, comedy, fantasy, or romance. While the series only offer a little bit of most of these genres it handles itself in a way that could be enjoyable to any of these genre's fans. Science fiction fans who enjoy interesting gadgets, mechanical flying ships, and other such things would get the most out of the series.


Pros (+): Interesting Storyline, Entertaining Characters, Vibrant Graphics 

Cons (-): Occasional Pacing Issues, A Little Lacking in the Futuristic Tone