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Kamigami no Asobi is a fantasy otome anime series about a highschool girl named Yui and eight gods who are forced to attend school in another world against their will. The anime series is based very closely off of the original otome visual novel titled Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere Deorum which was published exclusively to the PlayStation Portable in Japan. The series takes place within the same setting as the otome visual novel and features the same cast of characters primarily based on gods from Japanese, Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythology. The series aired from April 5th to June 21st of 2014 and consisted of just 12 episodes. A complete DVD collection of the series was released late August of 2015. 

The anime series follows Yui, a  purple haired highschool student who is transported to another world after she discovers a strange sword. Yui meets Zeus who tasks her with teaching a group of misfit gods about being human. Despite her unwillingness to do as Zeus says, she is forced alongside a group of eight gods to attend a school in the world Zeus created. Without any other way to escape and the eight gods having been stripped of their powers they must attend and graduate together or else be stuck there forever. The only problem is several of the gods are not willing to cooperate regardless of what's at stake and Yui must do everything that she possibly can to convince the gods to cooperate and attend school together. luckily, Yui has some help from Apollon the Greek god of the sun who is Zeus's son. she learns a lot about each of the gods as she bonds with them day by day and as she spends time with them many of the gods begin to take romantic interest in her. As days go by all of their time spent together as students and friends becomes more and more precious. Of course their peaceful days become complicated as graduation draws near and the real reason for their presence in the world Zeus created becomes apparent. One thing not to expect from this anime is an easy going slice of life sort of storyline. In the world where they are imprisoned school life is just a cover for the real task at hand and both time and seasons go by much quicker, one moment it can be Summer then the next Autumn. It is one school year that none of them will forget.


In the series viewers will be introduced to a colorful cast of characters most of whom are gods. The first character introduced is Yui, the female lead character who is forced to attend school with eight attractive gods. Yui is a shrine maiden with beautiful purple hair that is kept tied back, she enjoys sword fighting and has many talents which come in handy as she attempts to bond with her godly classmates. The next character is Apollon the Greek god of the sun, he is immediately fond of Yui and quickly becomes protective and possessive of her. Apollon has short golden hair and beautiful green eyes, he is very easy going and gentle but can also be overbearing and at times a bit controlling. Another of the gods is Balder the Norse god of light, he is also very fond of Yui rather quickly. Balder features long blond hair and bright blue eyes, he is gentle natured and carries a heavy burden which is always apparent in his facial expression. The Norse god Loki is among the group of gods that starts off spiteful towards Yui, of course seeing as he loves mischief he enjoys making things difficult for her. Loki has long red hair which he keeps braided and blue eyes, he is very protective of his friend Balder and dislikes Yui being anywhere near him. The Greek god Hades is present as a very gloomy god who is afraid of being near anyone due to his belief that he bring bad luck. Hades has shoulder length green hair and red eyes, despite his very gloomy and reclusive nature he love gardening and has a weak spot for a particular sweet treat. Other characters include Susanoo (Takeru) the Japanese god of the sea, Tsukito the Japanese god of the moon, Thoth the Egyptian god of knowledge, Zeus who is Apollon's father and the one who imprisoned them all in a world he created, and finally Melissa the living doll who was created by Zeus to watch over Yui. That covers  the most important cast members but other characters do exist in the series such as those shown in flashbacks and other students.


As with most of the more modernized otome series' on the market the graphics stand out with pristine and vibrant character and background art. You can tell that a lot of thought and detail went into creating each of the characters especially in the portrayal of the gods, each of them do well in embodying the god they are based on. The designs and ideas in this series are unique and I can't think of any animes that it would be too similar to in terms of character designs, the general setting, or the storyline. While the use of already existing characters from mythology, books, and so on isn't original it is becoming a popular trend in otomes and for the most part the anime studios do a fine job at making everything else about these series' fresh and original, Kamigami no Asobi is definitely no exception. The graphics, setting, and storyline are all very strong points of the series. 

The only big problem I could seem to find is that more detail and planning could have gone into the process of the characters bonding, at times bonds felt artificial especially when it came to those who were both very spiteful of Yui and had little to no common grounds with her. Occasionaly the plot transitions were a little rocky but nothing too serious. That aside, everything else fell into place beautifully and overall the storyline came along smoothly. The cast of characters has something for every otome fan, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and every moment draws you in. If you are fond of the otome genre and equally enjoy the fantasy genre I highly recommend the anime series Kamigami no Asobi, it is certainly one of the best otome series' on the market.


PROS (+): Intriguing Plot, Vibrant Graphics, Unique Cast of Characters 

CONS (-): Character Bonds Seemed Artificial or Rushed at Times